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Why invest in a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine?

It’s a question we get asked regularly; Why would you invest in a CNC plasma cutting machine, and not a laser or waterjet? Each type of profiling machine has its strengths and weaknesses; here I’ll try to enlarge on some of the reasons it makes sense for many companies to invest in a CNC plasma cutter:

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Which type of metal guillotine is best for your fabrication workshop?

A metal cutting guillotine? A guillotine shear? A sheet metal shear? A power shear? Known by many names these machines shear carbon and non-ferrous metals by means of a pair of blades set one above another, with either a fixed or adjustable blade gap, and driven mechanically, pneumatically or hydraulically.

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Production bending on a multi axis press brake?

A modern CNC press brake will often be offered with a multi axis CNC control. What benefits do the different axes bring? Or are they just adding complexity without increasing productivity? What is the minimum you need? To help with these common questions I have summarised the functions and productivity benefits which the various axes bring. This is in no way intended to be a definitive guide but aims to give some insight into what functions will be required for your production.

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Getting the most out of your hydraulic steelworker

The design of the Morgan Rushworth hydraulic steelworkers includes many time saving features which may not be apparent at first glance. As steelworkers have developed over time a number of features have evolved to maximise the potential of these versatile machines.

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Why invest in a Hydraulic Guillotine?

Among the various machines available for cutting sheet metal material, hydraulic guillotine shears are considered as one of the more cost effective and efficient options. These machines are especially useful when handling sheet or plate material in a range of thicknesses and a selection of metal types.

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