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USED - Morgan Rushworth DDPG 1000x3.25mm Guillotine
Stock Code: USED0203

  • Mechanical direct drive guillotine
  • 1000mm cutting width
  • 3.25mm cutting thickness in mild steel
  • Manual push/pull back gauge
  • Swing up rear guard with interlock
  • Working light
  • Viewing window for cut line
  • Footpedal operation

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USED - Morgan Rushworth DPBH-4 2600/300 Hydraulic 4 Roll Bending Rolls
Stock Code: USED0119

  • Hydraulic plate bending rolls
  • 2600x16mm capacity
  • Side supports

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EX DEMO - Sterling STC440 DGSA NC Twin Column Double Mitre Semi-Automatic Bandsaw
Stock Code: 15251ED

  • Includes optional NC control
  • Twin column design with linear guides
  • Hydraulic downfeed with variable cutting pressure
  • Hydraulic bow return with height adjustment
  • Double mitring swivel head 60° left and right
  • Digital mitre display
  • Hydraulic bow lock at any angle
  • Hydraulic vice able to clamp at any angle
  • Carbide blade guides for high accuracy
  • Infinitely variable cutting speed

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USED - Kingsland KPT 40200 4000mm x 200T Hydraulic Pressbrake
Stock Code: USED0127

  • Year; 1998
  • Serial Number; 58646
  • ATL 550 Control
  • Light Guards
  • Powered Backgauge
  • Footpedal
  • Manual Crowning

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USED - Elga Hydrashear 2mtr x 13mm Hydraulic Guillotine
Stock Code: USED0149

  • Powered backgauge
  • Blade gap adjustment
  • 2mtr squaring arm
  • 2mtr support arms
  • Footpedal
  • Serial number; 61267502
  • Year; 1967

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USED - Ursviken EKP-CNC 3.1 / 2.55 3100mm x 100T Hydraulic Pressbrake
Stock Code: USED0159

  • Year; 1988
  • Serial Number; 3920
  • Cybelec DNC 7000 Control
  • CNC Backgauge
  • Hydraulic top and bottom tool clamping
  • Light Guards

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EX DISPLAY - Ajan 1503/260 CNC Plasma Cutting Machine 415V
Stock Code: 24553

  • High Definition plasma cutting technology - 260 amp plasma unit
  • Automatic gas console
  • Ajan CNC control unit using industry standard DIN/ISO ‘G’ codes
  • Able to work with DXF and ESSI toolpath files
  • CAD drawing software, CAM nesting and optimisation software
  • 'Optohole' technology for bolt hole optimisation
  • Strong steel frame designed to withstand constant high speed production
  • Extraction/filtration system 

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EX-DEMO - Bison Single Roller Stand
Stock Code: na

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CLEARANCE - Brenner 820 M Manual Surface Grinder
Stock Code: 17523

  • 200x 520mm Table size
  • 200 x 20 x 31.75mm Grinding wheel
  • 2850 RPM
  • 1.5 kW Motor


  • Highly rigid cast iron body
  • Manual operation on all axes
  • Permanent magnetic chuck
  • Ball bearing guideways
  • Central lubrication system
  • Coolant system
  • Halogen work light
  • Grinding wheel included

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CLEARANCE - Stein & Meyland AFG Pump Unit 110V
Stock Code: 21030

  • Pump unit for Stein & Meyland A14, F16 or F18 Pipe Benders

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EX DEMO - Cidan K15-30 CNC Folding Machine
Stock Code: CLEAR0057

  • Universal tooling for many standard bending applications
  • 30° straight clamping beam rail
  • Straight lower beam rail
  • Quick change double sided folding beam rail 7mm & 10mm
  • Additional quick change folding beam rail 20mm
  • High speed and high pressure clamping beam action with low maintenance eccentric drive
  • Virtually no marking on polished or sensitive material
  • Manual crowning of folding beam rail
  • Extremely quiet and low energy operation as motors only run when machine is working
  • ProLink CNC touch screen control
  • LBG 1000mm back gauge system

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EX LOAN - Morgan Rushworth RGMS 1050/5 Powered Guillotine 415V
Stock Code: CLEAR0029

  • Mono block, welded steel frame rigid to deflect movement and of high tensile strength
  • Two sided blades manufactured with high-alloyed steel
  • Blade gap adjustment according to sheet thickness and type for quality cutting
  • Automatically activated hold down system avoiding sheet sliding during cutting action
  • Manual backgauge operated by hand wheel with distance counter
  • Support table with roller bearings
  • Front support arms with ruler, suitable for long sheet cutting
  • Foot pedal available for single or continuous cutting

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