Our machinery brands - Meyer

Meyer drilling machines and lathes have been a staple part of our range for the last 15 years. The Meyer reputation for reliable, well engineered machines is well deserved with the range covering entry level models through to top end production machinery.

Engineering Excellence

With market leading warranties and a programme of continuous improvement, the vision for Meyer machines is to be recognised for reliability in the most demanding workshop environments. Producing only a small range of conventional machines allows Meyer to concentrate on building products to the standard expected of our customers.

So what does Meyer offer?

Geared head pillar drilling machines

By concentrating on modern geared head and inverter drive models, Meyer takes a progressive approach to drilling machine manufacturing. While there's still a place for belt driven models, many users don't realise that they result in poor usage habits , e.g. operators not changing drilling speeds, and wasted time in changing the belts between the different pulleys.

Conventional centre lathes

Meyer’s centre lathes are available in two series. The most common models are assembled to approved designs in the Far East, while however being given extensive testing in the UK prior to installation. These models provide an excellent ratio between quality and value for money. The second series is the Euroline model range of heavily engineered and precise centre lathes built entirely in Europe. Both series offer an extensive range of chucks and accessories. 

Where next for Meyer?

Within the remit of producing quality conventional engineering machinery, Meyer are working on launching a range of radial arm drilling machines and manual turret mills. Further announcements will be made about these models in the coming months.

Find out More

Meyer drills are available for demonstration in several showrooms around the UK and Ireland. To find out more get in touch here or call 01785 336732 to arrange a visit. If you just want to browse further, try these links Meyer Drilling Machines and Lathes

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