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Bison Machinery Showroom Clearance Event

​It’s September and the last quarter of 2019 is fast approaching. It’s that time of year when we are ordering new stock for 2020 - showcasing the latest technology introduced at the Autumn shows - as well as refreshing our core demonstration machines.

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Affordable fibre laser cutting in sheet and tube

Do you think that in-house laser cutting is not for you? Or that only high volume users and laser cutting subcontractors can afford to invest in the equipment and justify the running costs? Many companies are still unaware that the cost of laser cutting has reduced drastically in recent years both in capital and running costs.

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Would you buy a 20 year old computer?

This is an interesting question to which most of us would answer ‘No’! Imagine your PC failing and taking a trip out to the computer store to browse a selection of used PCs from 1999. Probably running Windows 95 or with a bit of luck perhaps Windows 98 (you’ll pay extra for that!).

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Single Gas or High Definition Plasma Cutting?

​Need to invest in plasma but unsure of whether you need single gas plasma or a high definition plasma? For many applications single gas plasma cutting will produce a perfectly satisfactory cut although there are some limitations that you need to be aware of. In general a single gas plasma will create more bevel on the cut edge at production speeds and can only produce acceptable holes at a higher diameter to plate thickness ratio than high definition plasma.

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The Bison 360° Showroom Tour is Live!

Wanting to visit but too busy to get away? Or just like browsing through sheet metal and fabrication machinery? We understand - it gets into your blood! Now you can view the Bison showroom from the comfort of your web browser or even using a VR headset.

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