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Press brake or CNC folder?

When adding bending capacity to a sheet metal workshop, the question comes up as to whether to purchase a press brake or a CNC folding machine. Actually a busy sub-contract sheet metal shop can save time and money by having both machines. So the question for you could be ‘why add a CNC folder to your plant list?’ For those making a product there are applications which favour either process, so it is helpful to review what these machines do differently. Sometimes it’s two ways to the same end, but read on to find out the most important considerations……

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Our machinery brands; Sterling

We have been supply Sterling sawing machinery since the late 1990’s. In those years we saw a lot of success with basic straight cut engineering machines and their original twin pillar tube cutting models. Since then the range has expanded to include circular saws, vertical bandsaws and a much wider range of horizontal bandsaws. So what does Sterling offer you today?

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Choosing a steelworker - is a single or twin cylinder model best for you?

Multi station steelworkers - sometimes called ironworkers - are versatile machines which can benefit most fabrication workshops. They are typically available in either a single or a twin cylinder design, each having its own particular features. It is advisable to carefully review which design would work best for you; the single cylinder models are attractively priced, but there are some limitations which need to be considered. Let’s take a look at the most important differences…..

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Servo Electric Press Brake - Coming Soon to the Bison Showroom

Already having one of the largest machinery showrooms in the UK, we are pleased to announce that we will soon be adding a Morgan Rushworth Servo Electric Press Brake to our showroom stock. We are expecting to receive the machine this month and will be offering demonstrations from early April. This will be of interest to users of hydraulic press brakes that want to save time and money by reducing electrical usage and maintenance, while increasing cycle times.

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Which guillotine options would have the most impact on your productivity?

Choosing a guillotine can be a minefield in itself, added to which there are a wide range of options available for different tasks. Depending on your requirements these range from the merely ‘nice to have’ to being critical to getting the job done in a timely fashion. If you have decided to invest in a new powered guillotine, it is worth spending some time reviewing the available options to make sure it not only performs the basic function but actually makes your production more efficient. So what are the most common options and what do they do for you?

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