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  • Excellent communications with the engineer, answered all my questions, prompt delivery.

    Anthony, Askern UK Ltd
  • The machines are working brilliantly and our fabrication department has been revolutionised. Thanks for your service.

    John, Soloman Commercials Ltd
  • We ordered on the Thursday afternoon and we had it delivered and up and running by midday Friday, less than 24h!

    Philip, Brearsmith Ltd
  • Very professional offload and install, great team.

    Peter, Environ Consultants Ltd
  • Bison Machinery are always extremely efficent in all manners of servicing, engineering, training. I would strongly recommend them to anyone.

    Alex, HM Prison Hull
  • The service engineer was very friendly, and knowledgeable. Took the time to explain what he had done, and why.

    Vicky, Fabrisys Engineering Ltd
  • We have a great customer/supplier relationship with Bison. Your professionalism, friendliness and efficiency being the main reasons for this.

    Steven, Grimsby Institute
  • Communication and service has been excellent from the very start, delivery and machine move went way above expectations.

    Mark, Powertherm Contract Services Ltd
  • Very good help and communication from the first enquiry through to delivery.

    Nigel, Arriva Derby
  • Good communication, timely, prompt, effective and efficient service.

    Rob, Sheffield College


We are a leading specialist supplier of sheet metal machinery to the UK metal fabrication sector. 

Top class machinery, combined with outstanding customer service and a warranty-backed product support package, has made Bison Machinery the machine partner of choice for metal fabrication, engineering and manufacturing businesses.

Our outstanding product knowledge and expert advice ensures every Bison customer can be confident their machine purchase is the exact solution required, providing quality results, delivering increased efficiency, and enhancing productivity - all with low operating costs.

Find out more ABOUT US or CONTACT US to discuss your specific requirements.

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Industry news based around metalworking products, concepts, industry advice and product demonstrations.

Increase Folding Productivity with a ‘Rotary Beam’ Folder

Increase Folding Productivity with a ‘Rotary Beam’ Folder

Straight and box & pan folding on one machine! Or even within one part. Do you need a straight folding blade to produce precise long folds in sensitive material? But need the flexibility of segmented tools for more complex designs? A straight folding blade is preferred for long accurate folds in polished materials, or materials with coatings such as plastisol, as segmented tools can sometimes leave visible marks. They can also produce safe edges or hems and are excellent for radius bending. However many production facilities will opt for a box and pan folder with segmented fingers due to the flexibility of this set up.

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Press brake or CNC folder?

Press brake or CNC folder?

When adding bending capacity to a sheet metal workshop, the question comes up as to whether to purchase a press brake or a CNC folding machine. Actually a busy sub-contract sheet metal shop can save time and money by having both machines. So the question for you could be ‘why add a CNC folder to your plant list?’ For those making a product there are applications which favour either process, so it is helpful to review what these machines do differently. Sometimes it’s two ways to the same end, but read on to find out the most important considerations……

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The features of a mechanical guillotine

The features of a mechanical guillotine

Despite the prevalence of hydraulic guillotines in recent years, mechanical guillotines are still a popular choice for sheet metal workers worldwide. For the right application, this traditional design can still bring many benefits to today’s workshops. So why still invest in a mechanical guillotine? Simply put, they are easy to use, feature fast cutting cycles, require little maintenance and are very cost effective - both for the initial purchase and for ongoing running costs.

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