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RVD Smartfibre Tube Laser Cutting Machine

The RVD SmartFibre TF tube laser cutting machines are an excellent solution for laser cutting with a vast variety tubular profiles and other sections of various lengths, diameters, materials and wall thicknesses.

Morgan Rushworth EXR CNC Folders

The Morgan Rushworth EXR range of CNC folders are manufactured with a rotating upper beam with one straight rail and one set of high divided tools that can both be utilised in the same folding program without any manual tool change.

Morgan Rushworth ESR CNC Folders

The Morgan Rushworth ESR range of CNC folders are designed to produce fast, accurate and consistent folded parts. Available from 1.5M to 4.2M bending lengths, all models are supplied with a 1M powered back gauge, with optional longer backguages

Basic Steps for 4 Roll Sheet Bending

Four roll bending rolls have a number of benefits when compared to older three roll models, especially the ability to pre-bend and roll without removing the material from the machine.

Sterling SRC SA Circular Saws

These machines have a fast cutting, semi-automatic design for production cutting and are also equipped with double clamping and self-centring vices