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Which guillotine options would have the most impact on your productivity?

Choosing a guillotine can be a minefield in itself, added to which there are a wide range of options available for different tasks. Depending on your requirements these range from the merely ‘nice to have’ to being critical to getting the job done in a timely fashion. If you have decided to invest in a new powered guillotine, it is worth spending some time reviewing the available options to make sure it not only performs the basic function but actually makes your production more efficient. So what are the most common options and what do they do for you?

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Hypertherm XPR300 Plasma & Morgan Rushworth

This month Hypertherm have launched their all new XPR300 which is the first of a new class of mechanised plasma featuring their new X-DefinitionTM technology. This technology brings significant advantages to the cutting process, affecting not only mild steel cutting but also bringing industry leading cut quality to stainless steel and aluminium.

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Blades Binding in Structural Steel

Structural steels are more abusive to bandsaw blades than any other metal sawing application. Paying careful attention to band and tooth set selection, along with use of optimal band speed, feed rate and coolant, can significantly minimise blade wear.

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Bison Fabrication and Welding Consumables

We have to admit that at Bison Machinery we are more well known for machinery than the range of fabrication and welding consumables we offer; after all the secrets in the name! We have however offered a range of quality consumables for many years, either directly or through our sister company Grange Tool & Weld. With a decision in recent years to combine all operations through Bison we have been making changes to our website to reflect this.

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Our Machinery Brands; Morgan Rushworth

We have been supplying the range of Morgan Rushworth machinery now for over a decade. With a UK manufacturing heritage stretching back to 1872, our customers often ask us not only about the Morgan Rushworth products but also about the history of the company and how they developed into the brand they are today. It is certainly an interesting story…...

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