Back in the showroom - Morgan Rushworth DFR Deburring Machine

Back in the showroom - Morgan Rushworth DFR Deburring Machine

The Morgan Rushworth DFR 1350 Flat Bed Deburring Machine is now back in the Bison showroom, ready for live demonstrations. The DFR 1350 is an excellent solution for de-slagging and deburring profile cut parts; we can prepare sample parts to demonstrate the ability of the machine to quickly remove slag, dross and burrs from multiple parts without the need for manual grinding.

How does it work?

This robust and cost effective machine can process parts in the thickness range from 0 to 40mm in widths of up to 1350mm wide. Two pairs of rotary brushes perform the deburring action as the parts pass through the machine on the variable speed conveyor belt. The brushes both rotate and move from side to side covering the entire width capacity of the machine.

The abrasive brushes

Different brushes can be used at each station depending on the requirement. For example, heavy duty de-slagging wheels can be fitted at station one with abrasive wheels at the second station. Alternatively both stations can be fitted with abrasive wheels which are available in different grits as well as in standard and interleaved designs to achieve the desired finish.

Simple operation

The DFR 1350 features a simple touch screen HMI with a PLC controlling all the machine functions including the conveyor speed, the speed of the brush rotation, the side to side brush movement speed and the material thickness adjustment. 

Before and after

Here are examples of a plasma cut part with a relatively high level of dross before and after processing;

Book a demonstration with us

Please get in touch with us on 01785 336732 to book a demo or alternatively drop us a line to or via our contact page. You can also find out more by visiting our DFR 1350 deburring machine product page.

This article was previously published in July 2023