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Cidan CNC Folding Machines

These high precision Cidan CNC folders are manufactured in Sweden to exacting standards. These extremely versatile machines are ideally suited to high volume sheet metal production, with the vast majority of folds being performed using the standard bending tools.

Antil APR Bending Robot

Press Brake Bending Robots are a versatile solution for automating bending production utilising either a new or existing press brake. Automating press brakes with a robot is a highly effective way of increasing productivity without limiting bending capabilities. Gantry mounted robots offer serious advantages over traditional robot formats, being easy to program and operate, and removing common limitations in handling the material.

CMS Idroline Waterjet Cutting Machine

CMS Tecnocut Waterjet machines are constructed in Italy to a very high standard and incorporate features such as a built in dredging system and an advanced parallel pressure intensifier. The advantages of their intensifier design include constant pressure of the water jet together with low maintenance requirements.

The Bison Open House 2015

The Bison Open House 2015; 3 Open Days, 50 machines on display, over 300 machines in stock and 5 amazing new product launches..... This event will primarily cover; Innovative Automation – Our primary focus at this event is to showcase our innovative machinery automation.

Ajan Plasma Cutting Machine

The Ajan High Definition CNC plasma cutting machines offer high quality profile cutting for a range of materials, delivering both excellent edge squareness and a virtually dross free finish, while maintaining production feed rates. The machines are constructed to a heavy industrial standard and, by manufacturing the machine totally in house including all of the electronic components.

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