Bison Fabrication and Welding Consumables

Bison Fabrication and Welding Consumables

We have to admit that at Bison Machinery we are more well known for machinery than the range of fabrication and welding consumables we offer; after all the secrets in the name! We have however offered a range of quality consumables for many years, either directly or through our sister company Grange Tool & Weld. With a decision in recent years to combine all operations through Bison we have been making changes to our website to reflect this. 

Our company mission

Our mission is ‘to make the sheet metal and fabrication industry more competitive, productive and efficient, through automation, process improvement and reduced downtime’. While our range of machinery is clearly key in achieving this outcome, we feel that we also need to offer quality consumables to keep our machinery operating at optimum performance.

What consumables do we offer?

We specialise in saw blades, abrasives, welding wire, drills & taps and punching tools; in short everything for the steel fabricator. In addition to this we also offer a complete range of workshop items, from safety equipment to lubricants & oils, for the convenience of our customers.

Consumables on our website

We have now closed down the old Grange Tool and Weld website and have started adding the core products to the Bison website, although this remains a work in progress. New functionality we have added includes a Quote Basket which allows our customers to browse our products and select a range of items to be quoted against. 

What happens next?

Upon receipt of this our trained consumables team will get in touch and ensure we are offering the best products for your requirements before providing bespoke pricing based on product usage and order frequency. We work closely with our customers on an ongoing basis to ensure our products keep working as intended and to provide any support as required.

Our delivery service

We believe that holding large stocks of fast moving lines and supplying in one efficient delivery is the best option for most of our customers. Some companies have been used to a van service from other suppliers, however we have found that a carrier delivery is more efficient for our customers. Feedback we have had tells us that van deliveries result in wasted time, over ordering and too many part deliveries. We offer next day delivery for orders placed by 3:00PM although we will always try to accommodate specific needs. 

Please get in touch

Feel free to browse our website for the range of items already listed or get in touch with our team, via the online form or by calling 01785 214242, for more information or pricing. Or why not try out the Quote Basket and see what we can do to help?

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