Have you taken the Bison 360° Showroom Tour?

Have you taken the Bison 360° Showroom Tour?

Wanting to visit but too busy to get away? Or just like browsing through sheet metal and fabrication machinery? We understand - it gets into your blood! Did you know you can view the Bison showroom from the comfort of your web browser?

Click the link below to get started!

The Bison Showroom 360 Tour


What is there to see? 

We believe there is something for everyone; fibre laser cutting machines by RVD Machinery, high definition plasma cutting machines from Morgan Rushworth and Ajan Electronics, high quality sawing and engineering machinery from Bianco, Sterling and Meyer, welding machines from Magmaweld, and much, much more.

Like to visit in person?

Want to see more? Had an idea you would like to try? All machines can be demonstrated under power - come and give it a go! 

We hope you enjoy the online tour and will be very glad to see you if you’d like to come along in person.The showroom is open from 8:00 to 4:00 Monday to Friday; if you are thinking of calling in for a demonstration, please just let us know and we can make sure someone is available to assist.


Updated Article - an earlier version of this article was published on 08/07/19.

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