Automatic sawing with programmable mitre cutting

Automatic sawing with programmable mitre cutting

For many years fabricators have proved the benefit of automatic saws to produce small parts from long bar stock. Setting an automatic bandsaw to cut 100 off 25mm long components is a massive productivity boost when compared to an operator producing these manually. Many saws however are set up for 90 degree - or straight cutting - only. So what are the options if mitred components are required?

Many automatic saws can perform a mitre in manual mode in the same way as you would on a semi automatic machine. If parts are required with a straight cut to one side and a mitre cut to the other, or indeed mitre cuts at either end, this is still often done manually. With a double mitre automatic bandsaw, these parts can also be programmed to be cut automatically, with the bow rotating under power to performs mitres in both directions.

How does a double mitre automatic bandsaw work?

Machine design

A bandsaw of this type will have a mitring head design with the bow swinging left and right from the straight cut position under power. To the infeed side of the machine there will normally be a fixed vice and a shuttle vice which is used to move the material through the machine, according to the selected program.

Part programming

A series of parts can be programmed into the control typically with left and/or right angles of up to 45 or 60 degrees. The program can contain parts with both straight cuts and mitre cuts and can be optimised to get maximum use out the material. In the best models a full cutting list can be programmed containing quantities of different parts. For some machines software is available to prepare nests of parts offline.

Cut optimisation

If a common cut can be used, the program will alternate the part orientation, this means that the second cut of one part is also the first cut of the next. This of course only works with symmetrical material such as square hollow section or tube. If working with asymmetrical material such as angle iron, mitred parts will be cut individually with a small amount of waste material between cuts.

Who benefits from a double mitre automatic bandsaw?

While many industries will process parts suited to this type of equipment, the following applications are common;

  • Frames in angled or rectangular section
  • Bracing parts for lattice beam structures
  • Barriers and other impact protection products
  • Balustrade and walkway components
  • Fabricating of steel racks and trolleys

Find out more

Manufacturers such as Bianco srl in Italy offer machines in a variety of specifications. A popular model is their 370 A DS CNC 1R with a 1 metre shuttle length and the ability to mitre 45 degrees to the left and 60 degrees to the right. To obtain more information or assess whether a machine like this would work for your process, please contact us.

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