Save Space With a Return to Sender Guillotine

Save Space With a Return to Sender Guillotine

When selecting a metal cutting guillotine one of the key considerations is the space that they take up in a workshop. As well as needing room at the front of the machine for the operator and the metal sheet, there is normally a need to access the rear of the machine to collect parts or remove scrap.

With the return-to-sender design the sheet to be sheared is supported by pneumatic sheet supports during cutting, with the sheared blank being released gently to the front of the machine below the support table. This allows the shear to be positioned against a wall to save space and for cut blanks to be quickly removed for the next operation. This and other advantages are explained in more detail below.

Why a Return To Sender Guillotine?

Reduced Working Area

With the cut blanks or scrap being returned to the front of the machine, there is no need to access the rear of the machine between service intervals. This means the guillotine can be fitted with a fixed rear guard and positioned right up to a wall or another machine. With a standard guillotine it is normally necessary to guard the rear of the cutting area with light guards to prevent entry during cutting; every time an operator retrieves parts from the rear of the machine this necessitates a reset of the guards, further reducing productivity.

Ideal for Blanking

If you are mainly trimming sheets to size with the finished part at the front of the machine, the return to sender system is less applicable. Scrap can be allowed to build up at the back of the guillotine and only be cleared out periodically. If however sheared blanks are being produced and a back gauge is being used, then the return to sender system really comes into its own. Every part is immediately available at the front of the machine, whether an ad hoc part for a one off prototype or large production run of blanks.

Increased Productivity

As well as the convenience of receiving the cut blanks to the front of the machine, these models can often be fitted with wheeled blank trolleys. These can be taken straight to the next stage of production and, with multiple trolleys in use, the guillotine can be continuously producing parts without waiting for the blanks to be unloaded.


A return to sender guillotine will complement most sheet metal fabrication workshops from the small job shop with little space to production facilities in need of high throughput. High quality machines fitted with this system, such as the Cidan Powered Guillotines, are capable of extremely precise cutting of sheet metal blanks ready for the next stage of production, e.g. folding or pressing. Request more details by clicking here.

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