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Bison 5S Program

Bison 5S Program

We have recently completed our ‘red-tag exercise’ – in which we had a team of 5 work systematically through the whole of our premises to identify what is not needed. We placed red-tags on everything and moved it to a holding area for further sorting. The team produced a staggering result – a sizable mountain of stuff that we have been squirreling away over the years!

Once the tagging and moving was finished, we quickly followed up with the next stage which was to evaluate the red-tag items and decide what to keep and what to dispose of. Almost everybody in the business from the managing director to the office cleaner was involved in this exercise. It was rather amusing to see the MD reminiscing over obscure parts from machines that he remembered selling when the business first started XX years ago!

Over 8 wheelie bins were filled with junk items and around 5 tons of scrap metal and wood was recycled. Pile of furniture were donated to charity and members of staff were given the opportunity to help themselves to anything they could use at home.

It seemed to make sense to keep all these things at the time, but with the benefit of hindsight we realised how inefficient it was to use valuable space for things that will probably never be used.  Our whole operation is now much cleaner and tidier, we can see clearly what stocks we have and the works are a more pleasant and safer place.

We have now launched into the second key stage of 5S - SET IN ORDER. This is a particularly enthusing stage as it involves bringing order from disorder. Everything we decided to keep is now being given a proper designated storage place, which will be located precisely where it is needed and clearly labelled.

The work continues…

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