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Morgan Rushworth 4-Roll NC Plate Bending Rolls

Morgan Rushworth 4-Roll NC Plate Bending Rolls

The Morgan Rushworth 4 Roll Hydraulic Plate Bending Rolls are a proven success story with many successful installations around the world. The addition of an NC control allows a skilled operator to program a job ready for production by any trained personnel. 

Why 4-Roll Bending Rolls?

These hydraulically powered machines are available with bending capacities up to 85 mm in thickness and widths 1270mm up to 4100mm. With 4 roll bending technology there are time savings and safety advantages with reduced manual handling of the material. Traditionally material has had to be pre-bent one end, removed and re inserted to double pre-bend. The 4 roll machines can achieve double pre-bending without the material being removed. 

Benefits of an NC controlled bending rolls

The potential of 4 roll bending is fully realised with the optional NC controller. Multiple curves of different radii with or without straights can be programmed for repeat bending operations. Alternatively operators can bend in the usual way and the NC records all roll movements into a program which can later be edited. Once a program is saved a complete bending operation can be performed, including load position, unload position with or without hydraulic drop end activation. The NC touch screen control indicates the roll position at all times and can be used as a digital read out reference for manual operation.

Need a demonstration?

The Morgan Rushworth NC bending rolls are back in the Bison showroom, please contact us to arrange a visit.

Previously published in July 2013


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