mVision Press Brake Launch

mVision Press Brake Launch

At MACH 2016, Bison Machinery and the UKMG will be launching the Morgan Rushworth mVision, a new press brake concept that offers a completely new level of interaction and connectivity between the machine and the operator.


Highly visual display of bend sequence and component orientation with greatly increased speed of operation, the mVision press brake boasts an innovative on-beam projection system and full hand motion control.

3D Visualisation

Complex 3D products are unfolded in the machine software and projected on to the folding beam of the press brake, while life size tooling profiles appear above the actual tools ensuring the correct set up is achieved every time.

In addition to unveiling the mVision press brake, the UKMG will be launching three other new innovations in addition to showcasing its wider machinery offering on stands 4370, 4610 and 4712.

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