Bianco Bandsaws - our perennial bestsellers

Bianco Bandsaws - our perennial bestsellers

Our two bestselling machines are, perhaps unsurprisingly, bandsaws; a machine which features in nearly every fabrication workshop. The top selling saws are easily the Bianco 280 M and 420 MS models, between them accounting for 60% of saw sales by volume.

Why are these machines so popular?

Both are precision European built models with a modern cast bow design produced to exacting standards. These machines are built for long service in any type of workshop. SImply put, once you have had a Bianco pull down or auto downfeed saw, there is a very high chance you will purchase another. We regularly have customers coming back to update their Bianco saws we installed in the 1990’s and 2000’s, and even these part exchange machines -  after a refurbishment -  will give further service to someone looking for a low cost cutting solution.

So what models do Bianco offer?

We have chosen to concentrate on the 280 M pull down and 420 MS auto downfeed models here, however Bianco offer a full range of machines from manual, through semi-automatic, to fully automatic powered mitring machines. 

So a bit more about the machines?

The Bianco 280 M Pull Down Bandsaw

This is everyone’s favourite saw to sell at Bison! An ideal machine for those looking to graduate from noisy chop saws, they are accurate, easy to use and quiet cutting. With high capacity for the footprint, an easy pull down action and being very safe to use, they are a pleasure to demonstrate and rarely fail to wow. The 280 M mitres up to 60⁰ with a positive stop at 0⁰ and 45⁰ for quick mitres and a scale for any angle in between. A sturdy 27mm blade width and carbide blade guides ensures accurate, perpendicular cuts every time within the life of the blade.

The Bianco 420 MS Auto Downfeed Bandsaw

For those running out of capacity on a smaller machine or needing something to cope with a range of materials up to mid size box and tube along with smaller beams, the 420 MS is the saw. With all the precision build features of the 280 M, with the addition of a valved downfeed cylinder to control saw frame descent, you can leave this machine hard at work while you turn aside to do a little welding or other task! This is truly the workhorse of the workshop.

Want to find out more?

These machines are in the Bison showroom…. Take the tour, get in touch or simply give us a call. To find out a bit more first why not take a look at the Bianco website?


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