Tube Benders

EX DEMO - Curvassi MTX 32H Mandrel Tube Bending Machine
Stock Code: 21741-CLEAR

  • 32mm tube capacity in mild steel
  • 20mm bar capacity in mild steel
  • Up to 180° bending angle


  • ​Very fast bending - 180° bend in 3 seconds
  • Bending of tube and solid bar
  • Able to bend thin wall tube to tight diameters
  • Hydraulic clamping of tube to former
  • Manual mandrel extraction
  • Manual setting of bending angle
  • Tooling extra for tube or bar bending
  • Year of Manufacture - 2018

Business Details

EX DEMO - CBC UNI42 Tube Bending Machine 240V
Stock Code: 21195-CLEAR

  • 42.4 x 3.2mm tube in mild steel
  • Up to 180° bending angle


  • No tools included - common sizes available from stock
  • Rotary tube bending without mandrel
  • Superb bend quality
  • Adjustable limit switch with angle scale
  • Safe two handed operation
  • Optional stand with storage included
  • Year of Manufacture - 2014

Business Details

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