Product Launch - RVD Tube Laser Cutting Machines

Product Launch - RVD Tube Laser Cutting Machines

We are pleased to now offer the excellent RVD tube laser cutting machines, bringing an affordable laser cutting solution for processing of a huge variety of tubular sections and profiles. Specified with market leading components such as nLIGHT fibre laser and a RayTools cutting head, these high quality machines make light work of tasks which would take many times longer using conventional methods. 

Building on our success with the RVD Fibre Lasers for flatbed cutting, along with the tube cutting attachments these machines offer, we feel that being in a position to offer the RVD SmartFibre TF is a major step forward in our mission to make our customers more competitive, productive and efficient. 

Why tube laser? 

A tube laser is able to cut holes, shapes and full cut outs in many different profiles including round, square, rectangular, D-shaped, oval, flat sided oval and triangular tubular profiles, as well as open profiles such as angles, channels, flat bars and I beams. A product that would conventionally required sawing, with both straight and angled cuts, and then drilling, milling or grinding to finish, can be cut in one quick sequence on a tube laser cutting machine. 

Principle features of the RVD SmartFibre TF

  • nLIGHT Fibre Laser Source - class leading fibre laser source, offered in the range from 1kW to 6kW 
  • RayTools Laser Cutting Head - autofocus cutting head with crash protection system
  • Powerful Self Centring Pneumatic Chucks - jaws automatically adjust to securely clamp the different profiles
  • Lantek Flex3d Tube Cutting Software - processing and nesting software developed specifically for tube cutting

Productivity options for the RVD SmartFibre TF

  • Magazine loading system - maximise productivity by loading bundles of material stock of up to 2500kg weight capacity
  • Welding seam detection system - ensure optimum cutting by detecting the position of the seam in welded material such as ERW tubes
  • Lantek profile cutting module - easily process open profiles such as angles, channels and flats

Find out more

Full details can be found on the RVD website or our own product pages. Like to see tube cutting in action? We have a tube cutting attachment on the RVD SmartFibre PR flatbed fibre laser in our showroom, which gives an excellent flavour of what can be achieved - you can also watch a video which includes tube cutting. Book a demo by contacting us here or give us a call on 01785 214242. 

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